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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest, find what fuels you”; I am here to do just that. This site serves as a central vessel to project my passions, the things that fuel me. I am an educator and entrepreneur from Florida, USA, the owner of NRG Unlimited LLC and a passionate artist/writer.
This is truly a space to connect me, my passions and my followers. Everything I do can be found here. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well.

NRG Unlimited LLC 

Without Bounds
Limitless Heights

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Joni Ariel Perkins hails from Alachua, Florida, where she resided until entering her post-secondary career at Florida State University. After completing her undergraduate degree, she then moved to Moncks Corner, SC as a Teach for America Corp Member being employed as an 8th grade English and Language Arts teacher at Cross High School. As an undergrad Joni pursued dual degrees in International Affairs and Anthropology with focuses in public administration and cultural anthropology. After this, she then completed courses at Delta State University before enrolling at Francis Marion University where she completed her Master of Education degree with a concentration in Teaching and Learning. She is currently in her last semester of pursuing a Master of Public Administration Degree from her Alma Mater, Florida State University, with a certificate in Civic and Nonprofit Leadership. She is equipped with over 8 years of intensive leadership, interpersonal and public speaking experience through serving many roles on FSU, DSU and FMU campuses as well as throughout the greater Gainesville, Tallahassee and Charleston areas. With this, she continues to drive a movement to create sustainable change in the way our nation approaches educating, developing, supporting and enriching our youth through ideating and innovating programs and projects within the nonprofit sector that impact our youth in a positive way, creating opportunities for a brighter future. She is considered a pillar of the Alachua community, focused on increasing access to and preserving the history of African Americans in the South East by way of collection curation, program design and anthropological ethnographic writing and filmmaking. She currently holds the role of Director of Enrichment and Education for the Carolina Youth Development Center as well as program director for both a Teen After School Center and Student Advocacy Program through the Department of Juvenile Justice. Joni is currently studying for the LSAT Exam in hopes of attending a Historically Black Law School in the Fall of 2023. Among these things, Joni is considered a champion for education equity, community progress, cultural preservation, justice advocacy, and social entrepreneurship.  Outside of her matriculation and efforts in the workplace, Joni is a passionate activist, an entrepreneur, a certified doula, an aspiring sommelier, and an ordained Evangelist. She enjoys volunteering in the community, painting, writing poetry and songs, sweetgrass basket weaving, spending time with family and in nature, cooking, making charcuterie, working out, watching TV and caring for her three cats named Dutchess, Mr. Doja, and BINGO, her dog Boss, and her two African Sulcata Tortoises named Tilly 2 and Tippy 2, on what is colloquially known as her Tails & Scales Farm. She is one half of The Peculiar People podcast, where her and cohost Krystal White explore the nuances of being a Black woman in modern day America. One of Joni’s proudest moments, while serving as a Women's Health Ambassador for Days for Girls, International, was her accomplishment in leading the effort to plan, coordinate, organize and facilitate the establishment of a fully operational Sewing and Health Enterprise in Assam, India. She organized the housing, travel, and itinerary of four American volunteers who, for two weeks, tackled intensive training of Assamese women on the construction and use of washable reusable menstrual supplies. She also coordinated travel to the Garbhanga Forest to host a distribution of 100+ Days for Girls comfort kits to all the women and young ladies of the villages. This is a moment she is very proud of because it was her first time leading a project of this magnitude, after assisting in the establishment of SHE’s in Kenya and Peru and she was able to make lasting and continual change that will forever effect that community in a positive way. This is just one example of many that illustrates her leadership skills, project management skills, her natural tenacity, and passion for serving at-risk communities. As Joni is continuing to plant roots in South Carolina, she is becoming increasingly more involved in the community as a member of the Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, a Gaurdian Ad Litem, and a volunteer mentor for Berkeley Citizens. With the goal of connecting like minded trailblazing, change making, individuals who share her passion for grassroots activism and civic engagement, Joni has created the  F.U.T.U.R.E. coalition. The F.U.T.U.R.E coalition serves as a network for the aforementioned individuals to come together as an alliance for combined action, creating sustainable change in our communities. In September of 2022, Joni received an independent church charter to establish EMBRACE International Ministries, the mission of EMBRACE is to engage in the communities of the world, spreading the Gospel and providing for those in need. Furthering her spiritual journey, she is currently enrolled at the North Central Theology Seminary pursuing a Doctor of Theology degree with a focus in Christian Counseling. Lastly, Joni is the proud founder of NRG Unlimited LLC, a holding company.


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Embrace International Ministries

The ministry of Evangelist Joni Ariel Perkins. Spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Embracing the global community with words from the word that energize and motivate a new generation of believers.

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Preaching the gospel wherever He leads me.

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The intersection of culture and christ. Follow for inspiring and empowering words, educational and informative messages, and energizing and awakening revelations. I love to spread the love and power of Jesus Christ in an engaging, interesting and modern way.


When wounded, we begin to heal. It is the power of the healing processes that brings us closer to our God and closer to living the happy and healthy life we always dreamed for ourselves. Follow below for educational and inspiring content.

Tails & Scales Farm

Keep up with Dutchess, BINGO, Mr. Doga, Boss, Tippy, Tilly and our growing family on the farm. Click below to follow our Tik Tok for awesome content featuring the family and friends of Tails and Scales Farm.

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"Anything your mind can conceive and your heart can believe, you will achieve"

Joni Ariel

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