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The Crushing Reality Were Reminded of With The Passing of DMX

“I hit the blunt and … I was no longer focused... I later found out that he laced the blunt with crack. Why would you do that to a child? He knew I looked up to him”. - The Rapper, DMX, recalls his first encounter with crack on an episode of “People’s Party” in November 2020.

On Friday, April 2nd, 2021, the famed rapper DMX suffered a drug overdose in his New York home. I woke up to a flooded Twitter feed filled with prayers for the “Party Up (Up in Here)” rapper. From my very own friends sending up thoughts and prayers to A-list celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and Missy Elliott sharing their support for the Grammy nominated rapper. As I scrolled and began to learn the details of the situation, I began to feel heavy, then - one tweet took me further into the abyss of what is a painful reality of something that happens far too often in our community...

We all remember the heartbreaking interview with Talib Kweli where DMX gave a tearjerking account of how he was tricked into smoking crack at age 14 by his rap mentor, Ready Ron.

He tells of being betrayed by someone he looked up to and how that one moment led to years of struggling with addiction.

As I continued through the thread, the abyss became even more of a bottomless pit as tweet after tweet was an account of such instances where people were unknowingly given addictive drugs by people they trusted.

The story is all too familiar, sisters, cousins, uncles, best friends... something I would never wish on my worst enemy.

What is the appeal? To condemn someone you love to the possibility of crippling addiction. While some got out of the experience with a lesson on who to trust, some became addicted, turning their lives upside down to chase that high: a race they never intended on running.

Whether it is to create more clientele or a malicious attempt to hurt someone else, the fact that this is a very real reality is terrifying. Who can you really trust?


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